Why people use Self Storage?

All Star Removals Storage Requirements

Self Storage has been around for many years in the USA, however it is still a relatively new concept over here in the UK.  It has certainly become more and more popular with some of the hit TV shows demonstrating Storage in the USA and UK. So why would YOU need a Self Storage facility? Our customers decide to store with us for a multitude of reasons, detailed below are some of the more common reasons:

  • Home renovation/construction – if you have having plumbing or electrical work carried out, maybe having a new kitchen or bedroom fitted out.  Your tradesman may suggest moving items into storage to create necessary space
  • Space Creation within their home and de-cluttering.  Free up the garage or shed so you can actually get access to items you use on a regular basis.  Create another useable or liveable space by clearing the spare bedroom of junk and clutter.  Finally get round to getting up into the loft and sorting through all the memories and sentimental items.
  • Preparing their home for Sale –  Many people believe reducing clutter and furniture in their home creates a minimalist and a feeling of more space to prospective buyers
  • Sports Equipment or Camping Gear – Storing Camping Gear is one of our most common uses of storage for customers.  Storing a tent and all the ancillary equipment that go with it can take up a lot of space in you home, garage or garden shed.  Take a storage unit from us, and you can have ready access to it without taking up valuable space in the home.
  • The same applies with sporting equipment – Ski gear, surfing gear, fishing gear, martial arts etc.  Whatever your hoby/pastime.  You can store your equipment in a safe, dry and secure storage unit.
  • Water or Fire Damage in their home – we can provide temporary storage at our Skelmersdale branch whilst your home is repaired and decorated.
  • Moving Back Home – People can move back home with parents or family and friends for many reasons.  Including relationship breakups, work commitments or problems, financial problems etc. We have many storage customers who have lived within the rental market for years, and have decided it’s time to get on the property ladder and purchase their own home.  Moving back home with parents or family can provide a great opportunity to save up lots of money towards a deposit.  Rather than sell all your furniture and possessions, and have to start again from scratch, you can store your items here at All Star Storage.
  • Student Storage – Term time and Summer Term storage.  Students based at Edge Hill University in Ormskirk, or at Skelmersdale and Ormskirk College have a fantastic self storage facility right on their doorstep here in Skelmersdale.  We also have students from Universities in Liverpool who choose to store their items with us owing to our fantastic rates and our location.

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