Packing Service

Packing Service

Would it flow better if it said ‘ Our home removals ‘packing team’ can assist you with a packing service to help you with your move. Our staff are professionally trained to a high standard to ensure all you household items are packed up safe and secure to prevent any damages. This is a great option for people who simply don’t have the time or energy to pack their house up themselves. Packing up your home can seem like such a daunting task, and here at All Star Removals and Storage we understand this. What can appear to an endless unachievable task to the average home mover, is normally a straight forward single day pack up for our packing teams. We can tailor this service from a part packing service, to a full packing service depending on your specific requirements. 

Customise your packing service as follows:

Our Packing Service

If you would like a packing service or simply interested in obtaining a quotation for a packing service, please ask our surveyor about this service for further details. We will note any requirements, and calculate your quotation specifically for your move day. We will provide any necessary packing materials, based on your requirements and quotation. Materials will include professional double wall boxes of various sizes, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, marker pens, wardrobe boxes and any other specialist materials needed. 

Our teams will label up all your boxes with a general description of what is contained in the box and also which room it came from. This will assist the removal crew locate its end destination on move day, and also assist our customer when locating items once the move is completed. Should you also require an unpacking service, we can also provide this as an optional extra. Our teams would empty contents onto flat surfaces for the customer to then put away. This is generally charged at an hourly rate to allow the customer to manage and coordinate how much additional assistance they require.

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