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All Star Removals & Storage has a dedicated team of Piano Specialists, who are professionally trained to carry out a safe, processional and efficient relocation of your Piano. Whether you are moving home or simply need a Piano relocating to another location contact us for a competitive quotation. We cover all types of Pianos from standard up right pianos to Grand Pianos. Moving a piano is not like any other furniture, and it certainly isn’t about strength, moving a piano is about technique, ensuring no damage occurs to the instrument of to property walls, staircases or other furniture and ensuring everybody remains safe. So whether you need your piano moving up or down stairs or the length or breadth of the country and whether it’s fresh out of the shop or a family heirloom, we have the team in place to ensure a first class, professional piano move.

Details of our Piano Move service

Our Piano Moving Service

It is generally necessary to carry out a quick site survey to ensure we bring out the correct materials and to check on the access and egress for moving your Piano. Our teams will bring the correct level of manpower, a suitable vehicle and importantly the correct materials and tools to move the Piano safely. A standard set of Piano Wheels and/or a Piano Slipper with the correct manpower is normally sufficient to move most Pianos. However if you require any more specialist tools or lifting equipment this can be easily arranged.  

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