Making Space At Home

All Star Removals Making Space At Home

If you are feeling the squeeze at home, and space is becoming more and more restricted, All Star Self Storage can provide you with a storage unit to essentially de-clutter your home. We all want more space at home, but most of us don’t like to throw things away, so opting to store them can be a great compromise.  This does not automatically make us all secret hoarders, but there may be significant sentimental value, fond memories or items you simply don’t often use but just can’t bring yourself to just throw them away.  People tend to fill up garages, sheds, spare rooms, lofts, 2nd reception rooms with their own clutter, or rarely used items.  But these are all useable and liveable spaces in our homes that we should be able to enjoy or use for effectively. Struggling to make a start to your decluttering operation? 

 This quick guide will give you an idea of how to go about it, and give you a platform to work from: Dedicate five boxes to each destination:

  • Bin – for items that are too old, broken or worn for use.
  • Store – items that are won’t be used on a regular basis, but will be used.
  • Donate – items that are in good repair but you no longer want or need.
  • Keep – these belong in this place and will be put back.
  • Relocate – items that do not belong here and will need to find a new home.

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